donderdag 8 december 2016

stick sculptures 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16

Horn and Stick
stick sculpture 17

Made in 3 parts, to bring to Cork
in jan. 2017

finished in 4 parts and a silencer

donderdag 24 november 2016
Finissage expositie Deseos del Espíritu

Graag nodigen wij u uit voor de finissage van de expositie 'Deseos del Espíritu' op zondag 27 november van 15 tot 17 uur.

De kunstenaars Aracelly Scheper en Carel Lanters zullen aanwezig zijn en een geluidsoptreden verzorgen.

 storyteller 11

 storyteller 12

27 nov. Carel will perform on this horn
together with tapes and voices: Aracelly Scheper

donderdag 17 november 2016

 "Fernweh" (wanderlust) 2015-2016

"Timemachine H G Wells"  2016  ceramics : two faces and storyteller 1

prologue, storyteller 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

toonbeeld ll and epilogue

maandag 26 september 2016

Boven: Nimf2 staat in VM23 en vanaf 1 okt. in de beeldentuin
van Espace Enny.
Hoogte 3,5 meter. polystyreen en tegellijm.

possible to be casted in bronze, aluminium or concrete,

donderdag 8 september 2016

Geachte bezoeker,

Mijn wikipedia-pagina is aangepast door Egbert Bouwhuis

titel: Fernweh

aluminium en zelfhardende klei 2015
Dit beeld is te zien in de komende tentoonstelling Deseos del Espíritu in Artgallery O-86
een duotentoonstelling met Aracelly Scheper


woensdag 31 augustus 2016

De stemmen zijn geteld: 42% heeft gekozen voor mijn ontwerp, welke dus zal worden uitgevoerd. Het budget zal door sponsoring en crowdfunding gerealiseer worden. Hierover binnenkort meer.....

Lees meer over deze opdracht in de Tubantia van 18 sept.

Vier kunstenaars hebben een schetsopdracht uitgewerkt om een herinneringskunstwerk voor Menthol & Roosje te realiseren.

Deze kunstenaars zijn: José Walinga, Carel Lanters, Karin Colen en Berry Holslag.

Hier is een kort filmpje te zien waarin ik een toelichting geef

maandag 4 juli 2016

welkom bij de tentoonstelling


 VM23, ir JP van Muijlwijkstraat 23 Arnhem

Beeldenstorm is een tentoonstelling van ruimtelijk werk van maar liefst 35 professionele beeldende kunstenaars; een storm van beelden. Beelden die aanzetten tot denken of te denken geven, die ontregelen of schoonheid bieden. Beelden die hun eigen taal, niet die van de woorden, spreken: Krachtbeelden.

De tentoonstelling loopt tot en met 18 september en is te zien op vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag van 13.00 tot 17.00 uur

                         Visit the galery and the sculpturegarden Espace Enny
                            4 reliefs for your private or business collection

                           bronze, Aran seaweedgirl, 2400 euro (ca 70 cm)


                                   Tulip, aluminium and paint 1800 euro (ca 80 cm)

                                     Dancing couple in a boat, bronze, 2300 euro (ca 65 cm)

                                   relief, aluminium, 1800 euro (ca 55 cm)

donderdag 2 juni 2016

Carel Lanters


Carel Lanters (Didam 1955) was educated at the Academy of Fine Art AKI in Enschede (1976-1981). During his education he initiated the department mixed media in which he graduated cumlaude. His tutors were Sigurdur Gudmundson and Ad Gerritsen. In 1990 he took a masterclass with Etore Spalletti and Haim Steinbach in Niggendijker Groningen.  

By way of sublimation he intensifies observation. He is not locked in one technique or material. For some complicated situations he developed monumental works, but he also integrates his art in daily life by arranging street furniture in a new order. He develops experimental work; work for exhibitions and for the public space in which he also operates as a curator. He is married with the South Korean artist Lee Eun Young and working in collaboration with her.
In the publication CL, Gerrit Willems writes concerning his work:
An artist may incorporate almost everything in his work: Nature, literature, dream images, trivial images of daily life or grand examples from art history, indeed anything. However, defining the inspiration of an artist does not bring us closer the secret of his art. The fact that certain images are a starting point does not entirely explain the final result, which evolves from an enigmatic and almost inaccessible process. We may have words in mind and express thoughts into words. It is as mysterious to have images in one’s thoughts, as it is to express thoughts into images. A thought becomes an image and the image continues the thought, one might say (with a nod to Nijhoff, the Dutch poet). One image leads to another. That’s what thinking is in visual art.


From 2007 till 2014 Carel was lecturer at the ArtEZ art school in Arnhem, the Netherlands in the Fine Art with specialisation in sculpture. He also coached the third and fourth year student for their bachelor. He is guest lecturer at Aki Enschede, st. Lucas Brussels and the Willem de Koning Academy Rotterdam. At the moment he is giving workshops at art school considering techniques and conceptual use of this; like : what can you do with casting bronze and aluminium in contemporary art.


His work is collected by Haags Gemeente Museum, the Hague; Museum of modern art, Apeldoorn; ABN-Amro art collection, Amsterdam; AKZO Nobel art collection, Arnhem; Province of Gelderland art collection, Arnhem; Province of Noord Holland art collection, Haarlem; Rijnstate hospital art collection, Arnhem; Aras Eanna art centre, Ireland; Godot, Seoul Z Korea and private collectors. 

An important part of his artwork can be found in public space. The best examples are: The branche of Salzburg, inspired by the French author Stendhal, Zeist, 2009; Lotus, sculpture at the wedding entrance of the town hall of Diemen, 2002;
A botanical guided tour, Laren NL, 2005; Entrance Amstelpark Amsterdam, 2007; st. Quivan’s cross, Inis Oìrr, co Galway, Ireland, 2007; The seaweed bridge in Hoorn, 2007; Project design for a special Dutch coin, 400 years Netherlands—Manhattan, ministry of finance, the Hague, 2008; 100 ceramic objects in new town Westeraam. The object are situated in niches in the walls of the new constructed houses, 2009; A monument for nature, Tynaarlo, a commission of the province of Drenthe, 2011.

Exhibitions since 1981 with a summary of the most important ones:
Museum of modern art the Hague solo; Handlungsraum, Galerie Ehrhard Dresden
(D), solo; Kunst-rai, A'dam (S Biederberg gallery, A’dam); Triade, sculpture
exhibition in Apeldoorn; Evora, a luz Holandesa, Museum of EvoraPortugal;
Prima Materia, exhibition nominee’s Materiaalfonds & Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam;
ZT, duo exhibition in Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam; Mutatis Mutandis  Broerenkerk Zwolle, contemporary sculpture;The many faces of the bank, ABN AMRO art collection the Hague; Die Holländische Welle, artspace Berlijn (D); Die Stadt wird zu Galerie- Nordhorn, Germany; Draußen vor der Tür, Archipel, Apeldoorn; Double portraits, Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, ItalyHotel Europe, Aorta gallery of photography, Chisinau, Moldavia;  Per Saldo, Noord Brabant’s museum,
‘s-Hertogenbosch, ABN Amro Art collection; Museum of modern art, Apeldoorn; Tendency, Paraplufabriek and Marienburgkapel in Nijmegen; Gallery Godot, Seoul South Korea; Aras Eanna, Inis Oìrr, Ireland; De Branderij, Unreasonable optimism 2, Antwerp, Belgium; Museum of  Modern Art Arnhem, “Made in Arnhem ad Inis Oìrr”;Seoul International Art Festival, South Korea; Museum of modern art, Harbin, China;  Pakt M2 Amsterdam; the glasshouse, Amstelpark, Amsterdam; Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam; Shadowplay III Shallow then halo, Gele Rijder, Arnhem;  4de Höhler Biennale Gera, Germany;  New saints, Gallery Objectief Enschede; The lecturer and his students, Kunstverein Das Haus im Park, Emmerich, Germany; Essent headquarters Arnhem, nu montant et descendant l’escalier’; Drawing,  Áras Éanna T H Gallery, Galway Ireland; Biennale Gelderland, Valkhofmuseum Nijmegen; The Beckettness of Inis Oìrr, interdisciplinary project with visual art, music and theatre, Aras Eanna Ireland; SART, NANO Gold, stereo photography in collaboration with Optical Science, University Twente, NL; Pronounceables ll, Gallery Arttra Amsterdam NL;Pronounceables lll, Galerie Espace Enny Laag Keppel NL; Tetem, Enschede, Phantom Reality Reset. Curator and participant of "Soundscape ll", Espace Enny,

translation nl-english: Hanny Keulers

                       the branche of Salzburg, Zeist   hight 8 m.

dinsdag 17 mei 2016

                        Private commission
                        Jeanne D'arc; bronze casting  28x33x2 cm 2016

woensdag 4 mei 2016

                                                      time machine
                                                      once in the air, it is scanning time

zondag 13 maart 2016

maandag 7 maart 2016

          newspaper article about the work of art in Emmen NL

woensdag 3 februari 2016

from the archives

                                                  ocarina mask 1980

                   horn and mask 1982  collection gemeente museum the hague

                 extendable horn 30-500 cm plastic, 1883, for circular breathing

                                     33 years later: Carel on uilleann pipes
                                  view of the exhibition in Circa Dit
                                  Januari 2016
                                  left: key sculpture, wood and paint, CL
                                  bottom: cill na seacht ninion, bronze  CL
                                  to the right a work of Anya Janssen

                                         modification of "toonbeeld 11"
                                         1981. (soundsculpture 11)
                                         clay and paint, 2015
                                         for exhibition in Circa Dit NL

zaterdag 30 januari 2016

                                        watercolor on paper 70 x 100 cm
                                        inspired by the Book of Kells
                                     first exhibit in Circa Dit NL Jan. 2016