vrijdag 11 september 2015

Sustainable energy in an Iberian dance

Arnhem based artist Carel Lanters made this concept: a large sculpture in about 200 layers, rotating at low speed, using sustainable energy. In cooperation with engineer and artist Egbert Bouwhuis, also based in Arnhem.

The sculpture represents an Iberian dancer with revolving rotation linked to the available energy produced by waterpower, wind power and sunlight power. The amount of the different power supplies are made visible by means of several telescopic vertical signs on top of the sculpture.

She tells the story of renewable energy she needs for her movement. The image has a multitude of functions to be discovered by the onlooker, who can also use an application on a personal device, to manipulate rotation-speed.  

We are talking with several corporations to realize this sculpture at a certain place in or around Arnhem at a size of approximately  15 meters. This will take several years of development. In the meantime it would be of great interest to develop a smaller scale sculpture (about 5 meters) with the same technology and public interfaces for the public space.

We would like to discuss this opportunity with you.
At the end of this month we will start to realize a model with the technological interfaces at a studio in the centre of Arnhem: JP van Muijlwijkstraat 23.

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